Since a few days ago I was looking for roses, orchids and other flowers

Looking for the rising and the falling of the sun behind the clouds

Looking for the moon and the stars into the deep of the sky

I was looking for something but I didn’t know what I was looking for.

I’ve lost already my naivety, but still l am honest, and still I am a dreamer

I used to make a poem over the beauty of women in a minute or two

Since long time ago I try to obtain inspiration on the forest or the sea

The truth is that today I can only write about my own experiences, but …..

I have to accept that not very often can I write a beautiful poetry

I am very happy now that I know you and I will not let you go ever

I’ve found inside your eyes the love and I will keep it you like it or not

I was looking for my other half, some one that deserved being loved

And that was nobody but you, only you and I right at your side