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Hay una sensación que yo conservo conmigo, respecto a mi relación con mi

esposa, siento que me estoy enamorando cada día mas de ella.

Sigo tratando de conquistarla, sigo intentando impresionarla o al menos,

lograr convencerla  de lo bien que me conservo hasta el día de hoy.

Siento también como que trata de mantenerme enamorado, o tal vez de

corresponder a mí cariño con una caricia, o alguna palabra bonita.

En otros terrenos casi he sido un fracaso, no logré fortuna, no logré carrera,

nunca fui muy fuerte, nunca fui muy guapo; pero ¡la tengo a ella!



7 comentarios en “¡LA TENGO A ELLA!

  1. I don’t read very much Spanish
    But I think if translated right
    You are speaking of how much your love for your wife has grown.
    How very special and sweet.
    Being married @18 years, I understand this sentiment and how true love is more beautiful than any seen in a film.

  2. Pues ya tienes mucho para congraciarte con la vida; seguramente habrá más. Y eso será bueno, verás que es bueno.
    Mi saludo cordial, amigo.

  3. First of all I thank you very much for take some of your time to visit my Blog, you are going to be always welcome, now allow me to tell that I follow people with different languages and for Italian and Portuguese I can tell that probably is possible to catch the idea or de feeling with the many words very similar to the Spanish. However as of for German, French, Russian I use the different tools on our hands to translate them; only because for me is very interesting to confirm that after all we are the same in every latitude.
    So, thank you again and allow me to wish for you and your love ones very Happy Holidays.

  4. Merry Christmas to you and your family as well!
    I feel the connection we share transcends language barriers so I love to read others posts!
    Keep posting!
    Language is quite the gift from God.
    How beautiful that you can appreciate several!:)

  5. So, we are in the same purpose of being connected with the world…
    Let’s keep in touch

  6. I understand the feeling my friend, after many years of marraige, each morning when she awakens and i see her smile, i fall crazily in love all over again! Her smile still takes my breath away! I loved the post my friend, thanks for sharing!

  7. Thank you very much…

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